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The High Hearts

apologies for cross posting

These guys are my friends and they are incredible. They do some Gillian Welch covers. If you live near Lambertville, NJ, check out them live. If not, just listen to their recordings. Their cover of Gillian Welch's Dream a Highway (obviously my favorite song in the world) is truly beautiful. A bit shorter than gillian's, and the guys opened the windows on a rainy day when they recorded it, the rain in the background adds something. The guys have nothing to sell so this isn't anything but sharing this truly wonderful music. I do believe this guitar/mando duet will go far, so check out now while they are fresh.

http://www.myspace.com/thehighhearts and http://www.lambertvillepeace.org/high_hearts/

I recommend listening to Crickets (an original) and Dream a Highway. ANd hopefully soon, they'll record another original called "Dance with me", that one is the most likely to climb the charts.

I'm Heather and this is my first post here. Let me know if you like these guys or just friend 'em on myspace, they could use the encouragement.
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